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Odd facts about SP

Do you know our COO's major? Computer science! No wonder SP is no technology driven.

Did you know who does the voice for our SP video's? Tomas' son Santiago. Talk about in-house job, right?

Did you know how many languages are spoken amongst our SP staff? Italian, Spanish, German, French, and English of course.

SP has a recreation room just to chill out. Nice!

Anyone at SP that can beat our CEO at a chess game can take a day off. If they lose they have to work on Saturday.

Gossip Room

- Lina Daza was able to set the highest number of received calls in one week, a total of 599! Some say she has a third arm (SP receives over 5,000 calls per week).
- John Candela recently entered SP and had to train for over 42 hours in order to assume the leading position at our Leasing department. Ohh, and he is still training.
- Melissa Ramos has taken accounting at SP to a whole new level. We are reconciling over 30 accounts on a daily basis!
- Tomas speaks Italian? Yes indeed, he even studied his MBA at Italy.
- Margarita's skills go beyond property management, she can cook and sing like no one you've seen before. Not sure if she can do both at the same time.

- Jacob Nixon is an actor, dancer and singer. How about that?!
- Veronica Mignosa is an Italian attorney and even after marrying the prestigious Ritz Carlton Chef Felipe Arango, she decided to stay with SP.
- Melanie Romero is multi-tasker and she can handle every possible Section 8 fight. Don't mess with her.
- Rowina Grosso works from Medellin, one of our few employees that works completely remotely. Lucky her!
- Vanessa Burbano is our most senior employee after Martha. She is always willing to lend a hand, or both, maybe even a leg.
- Carlos Russo has a different accent than the rest of SP members, and carries it with pride.
- Wendy Chavez is the person to go to setup an after-office party. The more dancing, the merrier.


About Daniel Jaramillo

An Economist with a minor in Mathematics from Florida International University (2003). He has been responsible for selecting, negotiating the purchase, obtaining the loans, and managing a total of more than 30 investment properties; investments of over $40 million, with loans over $25 million. He also represents the company in all legal affairs. During his time with the company he has developed an efficient model to manage small low-income multifamily properties with better-cost efficiency and higher yields than large multifamily complexes. As a technology enthusiast, he has turned around the company into a paperless cloud-based system which has allowed many of the operating duties of the office to be managed oversees, thus reducing overhead. Received Real Estate license in September 2004. Also licensed as a Broker, CIPS, CPMS and CRE. As a technology enthusiast, he has been setting up all the automated technical processes that take place at SP’s cloud.

The kids at Royal Oaks learning how to eat healthy by making the food themselves.

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Summer time with the kids at Central Park Atlanta

The kids at Central Park teach us how to enjoy the pool and the sun, with them fun is everywhere.

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Senior Community at Central Park Atlanta

At Central Park in Atlanta we know how yo make our tenants feel happy.
Our seniors enjoy going outside, smiling, laughing and eating. We enjoy some more their stories and their company.

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Central Park is telling us inocent stories

Our summer camp teacher Sandy Hall, who is one of our great residents, has been working with the kids to make their own quilts.
As you may know, each quilt tells a story.

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How to Accept Partial Payment during an Eviction?

Should I Stop an Eviction if my Resident is Willing to Pay Partial Rent?

Quick and easy answer, NO.

But it isn’t as simple as that, right?
You probably have this great Resident who has always paid on time and you really want to give her a break.
No problem, there are a couple of effective ways […]

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16 Things To Consider When Posting a 3-Day Notice

If you can take one single thing from this article, please let it be this:
Always, always deliver the 3-Day Notice.

You can’t go wrong by doing so, and at least you send a consistent and clear message to your past-due Resident.
Now, there are a couple of additional good pointers to keep in mind when submitting […]

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Imagination day at Central Park in Atlanta Community

Kids have an amazing world inside their minds.
At Central Park we want to motivate them to express their feelings. These are the results of our Imagination Day, where there are no limits to create.


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Growing our Central Park Community in Atlanta

Part of our work is to understand our residents and their needs. We create an activity called ” Our community garden” where the kids and their parents have the marvelous mision of growing tomatoes, squash, greens and more. Pretty soon our garden will be looking really good.


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Don’t get burned by wrongly calculating your Cap Rate

I often get many offers from Realtors trying to convince me that they have found a great investment for me to purchase, only to find out that they didn’t do the math correctly when calculating the Cap Rate. The fact is that more often than not Realtors that deal with Single Family Homes and […]

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10 Questions to Understand the Potential of a Property Management Company

I recently came across an interesting article written by Mark Ainley on how to choose a project manager which I thought was right on target. Mark suggested several questions to ask your project manager in order to assess whether that manager was right for you and gave his own insight on each question; you […]

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