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The Property Management industry is still relying on old business models and interaction concepts with residents and owners/investors that hardly any modern industry is using today. We have changed that by implementing excellent relationships with our stakeholders thanks to the intense use of technology, providing additional and better services to our residents, and a focus on asset management as part of our management services, thus aligning our work with the interests and objectives of our owners.

Who Is Strategic Properties?

We perform intensive, hands-on due diligence, on an asset-by-asset basis, to fully evaluate investment risks and opportunities. We closely study each asset, from vacancy rates and market characteristics to cash flow and underlying loan characteristics, before an investment decision is made.Through this exhaustive “from the ground up” due diligence, we are able to buy right, consistently making great investments.
The principals of Strategic Properties have more than 12 years in experience managing multifamily properties, and have been responsible for the successful development, redevelopment, re positioning and management of over a combined 20,000 apartment units.
We make solid, strategic investments in multifamily real estate where we can utilize our operations and management skills, financial expertise, workout experience and longstanding relationships to enhance the returns on investment.
We seek to only invest where our management team can take action on a day-to- day basis to ensure the highest level of performance.
We maintain the flexibility to either hold assets and generate recurring core income or sell into a market that will pay premium values for assets.
We will always strive to maximize the strength and stability of your balance sheet with carrying values significantly below estimated current market values. Our capital structure is diversified and provides ample resources to purchase assets at the most opportune times.

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